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Cut time cleaning up in the kitchen by choosing our paper dinnerware products instead of fine china, glass or even plastic ware. Another perk of the paper dinnerware that this disposable paper dinnerware does not splinter if accidentally dropped or shattered, unlike glass. The light weight of the disposable paper material makes it easy for caterers or employees to handle.
  • Paper Bags

    Our paper shoping bags are the perfect fit for boutiques, produce stands, the retail market, among many other businesses. These paper shopping bags have handles on them, making it easy for customers to hang on to.
  • Paper Cups and Lids

    Our wide selection of paper cups includes many different colors, sizes, patterns and materials. Our cups are easily to hold, have rounded rims for comfort, and are perfect for serving soft drinks, coffees and lattes. Ask about our customs prints.
  • Paper Food Containers and Trays

    Concession stands and food trucks are the ideal place for finding paper food trays and containers. We have everything from thin paper trays to heavy duty cardboard trays. We also give you the option of picking out you favorite color or the one that works best for your business needs.
  • Paper Napkins and Dispensers

    Clean up your messes with our napkins! Our paper nakins and napkin dispensers go hand in hand. We have a wide variety of napkins with different dimensions, colors and folds that suit your needs. We also have another line of custom napkins that you may qualify for. Let us help you embellish the feel of your restaurant with our napkins and their dispensers.
  • Paper Sandwich Wrap and Basket Liner

    To keep your product mess to a minimum, look no further than our paper deli wraps and basket liners. The deli wraps are perfect for sliced meats, sandwich wrapping, and even bakery desserts.
  • Paper Straws

    If you are looking to get away from plastic straws, look no further than our fantastic paper straws. This new trend is stylish as well as eco friendly. We have an assortment of colors for you to choose from.